Fresh Concept

Fresh Rice is organically farmed in the bright green paddy fields owned by the small farmers in the fertile and productive areas of Surin Province in Thailand. The distinctive fragrance of our rice comes from both the quality of the crop as well as our unique milling and packaging process to ensure freshness and quality of the rice.

Fresh rice is milled under a process of stringent monitoring and then immediately vacuum packed for delivery, omitting the extensive silo storage period. This results in an uncompromised taste and quality of the rice. Fresh Rice crops exude an enhanced fragrance, enjoyed by discerning gourmets and consumers.

Taste the freshness in Fresh Rice, indulge in its subtle fragrant aroma….

Quality of Freshness

Stringent quality control procedures ensure the freshness of our Fresh Rice products.

Fresh Rice does not contain synthetic fertilizers & pesticides and not subjected to any form of fumigation.

Uncompromised freshness in Fresh Rice, pesticide-free organic wholesome rice …

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